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Tuesday August 18th, 2015

A tour of Python - by Brian Stephan

For well over a decade, the Python programming language has benefitted from increasing popularity as a versatile tool in the developerís and administratorís arsenals. The language offers a robust standard library and lends itself to a variety of tasks, from system scripting and automation to prototyping to full-fledged web applications. It is meant to be easy to read and elegant, yet powerful in the hands of any skilled developer. We will discuss an array of topics regarding the introduction and use of Python for Java developers, including a quick look at features of the language itself before getting into common frameworks and useful tools. With an eye towards making Python effective for developers and teams right now, weíll look at examples including RESTful client and server APIs, the Django web application framework, common integration tools, and lessons learned introducing Python in a Java development environment. The goal is to have everyone walk away with a better understanding of the Python landscape, and how they can utilize it in their next professional or personal project.

Brian is a local software engineer with a focus on web- and Internet-based technologies. His personal and professional work has ranged from highly-available DHCP servers to Internet-facing websites using SOAP services, from multimedia streaming to IRC chatterbots on toy virtual private servers. Brian has a B.S. in Software Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering, and is currently a lead software engineer with TDS Telecom in Madison. In his spare time he plays more video and tabletop games than he can enumerate.


5:00 - 5:30 Social including food and drinks.
5:30 - 7:00 Presentation


TDS Telecom (CCW Auditorium)

The meeting will be in the CCW Auditorium at the TDS Telecom building at 525 Junction Road. Please park in the parking ramp behind the building. There will be a place to mingle prior to the presentation outside the room called "Central Perk." We will serve beverages and have food on hand. You can get in the building from the entrance from inside the parking ramp. It is open until 8pm. Once you walk through the sliding glass doors, you can proceed straight ahead (past the elevators) into the Central Perk (tables and chairs). The Auditorium is to the left of that area. Our front desk number is 664-4500 if you get lost.